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145 definitions by Angelacia

In school, the kid (or group of kids) that shove ahead in the lunch line and cut ahead of everyone. Watch what happens if you say something...
kid: hey, Amanda just cut me in the line!
Amanda: what you say, BITCH?!
kid: nothing...
me: God, don't you know not to stand up to her? she's a lunchline nazi!
by Angelacia July 01, 2007
A stupid variation of the spelling 'cool', which is actually longer than the real word.
hahaha omg u r so kewell! this is so kewell! we r so kewell!
by Angelacia June 14, 2007
No matter how old this kid is, they are always in their Terrible Two's when you have to babysit them.
Oh, you'll have to bear with Melanie - she's in her Terrible Two's.
by Angelacia May 22, 2007
someone who has highly a highly regimented and restricted diet, like that of an anorexic, but without the aim for thinness. these diets are usually more fatty and less healthy than regular diets.
Diary of a Fatorexic
i can only eat saltines and cheez whiz, but not if the edges are broken off the saltines or the cheez whiz isn't sprayed right.
by Angelacia March 17, 2009
Stagey faces that tweens/teenagers/emo kids use when posting pictures on myspace.
These faces include:
'omg!' (eyes wide, hand covering mouth)
'wtf?' frown, hands bent and out to the side)
'Happy Asian' (peace signs on either side of the face, pulling eyes sideways while doing so)
'i don't care' (raised eyebrows, looking at the corner of the ceiling, sideways mouth)
'serious and i mean it' (eyes downcast, stupid unsmiling expression)

These myfaces are usually accompanied by some super lame camera angle like above and diagonal.
people need to learn that myfaces don't make them look fun OR quirky in any way.
by Angelacia March 16, 2008
a brazilian supermodel who died from anorexia.
ana carolina reston was said to have been living on a diet of apples and tomatoes prior to her death.
by Angelacia July 11, 2008
a mean but funny little game to play with someone.
Girl A: Let me tell you the meaning of life.
Girl B: ?
Girl A: you're going out with Sean Allen aren't you?
Girl B: Yeah...
Girl A: Not anymore. I fucked him during second period.
Girl B: wtf you bitch thats so mean!
Girl A: That's life!
by Angelacia September 30, 2007