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to be compatible with, usually from first meeting
he took me out for dinner and he was hot, but we didn't have much to say to each other. i didn't click with him.
by Angelacia March 20, 2011
Another way of saying something is very tacky.
That dress Candela's got on? Totally tacksville.
by Angelacia May 20, 2007
How 'special' people pronounce the word 'special'.
Mrs SMith: Maggie's very...special.

Maggie: thpetho! thpetho!!

by Angelacia June 12, 2007
No matter how old this kid is, they are always in their Terrible Two's when you have to babysit them.
Oh, you'll have to bear with Melanie - she's in her Terrible Two's.
by Angelacia May 22, 2007
A grimy drug-infested area of London. It has been majorly cleaned up but it's still not that good.
When you walk out of King's Cross station you are immediately confronted by a bunch of drugged-up homeless and nasty looking teenagers wanting drugs or to sell you drugs.
by Angelacia May 21, 2007
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