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provoking another person to retaliate or come back to something you just said, because you are so confident you are right that you know they can't come back with anything.
and you know that's why you lied about having chlamydia! you know i'm right! say something!
by Angelacia June 21, 2011
The host of Sabado Gigante on Telemundo.
Maria told everyone that Don Francisco is her tio! she's such a pendeja
by Angelacia June 14, 2007
The same kinda thing as 'i know, right?', or 'hell yea'.
danielle: damn that shirts hella tight on u girl
amanda: and you know this!
by Angelacia September 08, 2007
the most boring fucking 'school' ever. Charter condenses all the bad things about school (work, homework, having to sit there doing nothing) and takes out all the fun parts (friends, talking, break, um other human beings). Charter is where bad kids go, or in my experience, my mother wanted me at home to look after my sisters all day, so she enrolled me in this fucked up 'school'. You're not allowed to talk so you don't meet any of the other students, but you wouldn't want to anyway, cuz they're lame. Smokers, goth, pregnant, ghetto, probation, druggies, kids who couldn't deal with school cuz of the social pressure, and drug dealers are the only people you will meet/see in CHarter. Trust me, I thought high school was bad, but now I miss having actual human beings to tlak to instead of not being able to talk like I'm in fucking prison.
"I go to Monte Vista. What about you?"
"Charter School."
"That sucks."
by Angelacia June 11, 2007
An English male author who writes books about the hopeless and pathetic lives of other English men. They can be very good but kind of depressing.
Did you read that new Nick Hornby book yesterday?
by Angelacia May 24, 2007
Those weird ass little credit-card sized pictures, mostly of boyfriend-girlfriend but also of two best girl friends, that people in da ghetto hand out like candy. On the back the starshot is most commonly inscribed by something like:

heyy keisha dis ur girl kabrina! stay chil gurl wen u wana tlk just hit *** **** i got ur bak! xxx

Walk into any high school girl's bedroom and the mirror and walls will be invisible behind a wall of starshots.
In Napoleon Dynamite, Uncle Rico got a starshot done to look more 'official'.

My lil cousin ray ray gave me a starshot of him and his girlfriend chawntel it was sooo cuteee!
by Angelacia May 13, 2007
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