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145 definitions by Angelacia

The middle toe. It is called the Jan Brady Toe because it is in the middle, but it also probably feels insignificant and unloved like her as well.
Ouch! I broke my Jan Brady Toe last night after kicking Omar in the shin.
by Angelacia May 22, 2007
1. crazy racist with fucked up ideas

2. frikin amazing author who wrote one of my favorite books in the world.
hey, sister souljah just published a book that spoke to my heart!

hey, sister souljah just said all blacks should kill all whites!
by Angelacia May 13, 2007
If you miss someone a lot and are away from them, you can both listen to the same song at the same time, and you will feel a deep connection to the other person, you will imagine what they are doing and feeling. It is different than talking on the phone. Both people get a strange feeling of bittersweetness and connection while the song is playing.
I miss Andrew so much since he is in LA. We ear synch sometimes to connect to each other.
by Angelacia May 01, 2007
the drawing that an emo kid inflicts on society, usually a drawing on paper that they broadcasted through their myspace/facebook/xanga/livejournal whatever. it is drawn in black or blue ballpoint pen, very heavy lines and heavily shaded in. usually a rose with a drop of blood, a fellow emo kid is always a classic, or some other stupid shit like that.
did you see stefan's emo drawing? he wishes he could fit into a pair of girl jeans like his character can.
by Angelacia October 03, 2007
An inspirational woman who went from living behind a Dumpster to becoming a top San Fransisco lawyer.
Cupcake Brown is my fav inspirational-book writer.
by Angelacia June 20, 2007
When girls get colored contacts to make their eyes a different color. Very popular with black girls but girls of all ethnicities can use fake eyes. They are generally looked down on, especially since they are usually very obvious. The green is alien-looking, the blue is swimming-pool colored, and as for the purple...well that's just tacky.
Fake hair, fake eyes, fake tits, and a fake ass. Girl what's real on you??!!
by Angelacia June 11, 2007
A very good actor who obviously has no issues with his manliness from the roles he is able to take, and plays really well. He has a daughter named Reign Beau and is married to Deborah Reed.
Ving Rhames is my personal hero. he should be yours too.
by Angelacia June 12, 2007