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It is when you attempt to have a "High Five" with someone, but barely making contact with each other's hands creating a "Five-ish".
"High Five!"
*Barely makes contact with other hand*
"Or a Five-ish..."
by AngelWings111 November 22, 2011
It is a a combination of the words "Fart" and "Laugh". It is when you laugh so hard, you release a fart.
1. "Oh no! I lost my wallet!"

2. "Hahahahaha! Again?!? Ahahahahaha!"

1. "Looks like someone flaurghted again..."
by AngelWings111 November 24, 2011
It is when a man takes a piss while the ring of the toilet is down. The accuracy of men pissing is terrible, leading to the cause of getting urine all over the ring and just leaves it there. The "Gold Spotted Ring" is born.
1. "Dude, did you leave a Gold Spotted Ring on my toilet again?"

2. "I swear to God, I didn't!"
by AngelWings111 November 24, 2011
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