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tight jeens worn by hoot cowboys and country singers who have a nice ass
Damn he can sure fill out those wranglers
by AngelBabie89007 April 05, 2004
a syndrome held by people that want to be like Rachel... symptoms are laughing at everyting, even when it is funny, not being able to tell a funny joke, and the joke is only funny to people with RAFS... is very contagious to anyone who comes in contact with Rachel}
It is a really kool syndrome!!!
by AngelBabie89007 April 03, 2004
a dance you do when you are around your friends... has to do with the the flags gurls keep in their purses... something you laugh about till death
i.e. Do you still have the dirty mop?
by AngelBabie89007 March 30, 2004
a game you play in a gym... kinda like volleyball... you can only keep it "Rolling" on the floor... if it goes above the persons knees it is the other teams serves... it a great way to get your knuckels all busted up
We played rollerball today at practice.
by AngelBabie89007 March 30, 2004

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