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A generous girl who cares for others more than she
cares for herself,who gives and doesn't receive.She's very beautiful and all the guys fall for her.She's a person you can trust.A person you can call

when you need help.She's a great friend.She can be shy

but, once you get to know her she can be a great person.
She is mean sometimes but only if necessary.When she's in a bad mood you might want to leave her alone she will be depressed for a while but in the end she'll be ok.But most of the time she is a happy person who loves to worship god.
Person1-Hey look what Ratsamy gave to me!
Person2-Well of course that's Ratsamy
Person1-I know right the other day I said I just wanted that and she bought it for me
Person2-She's always so nice!
by Angel101lovely May 09, 2010
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