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The person doesn't have to be bitchy or spoiled or rich and gorgeous and the typical stereotype of the blonde cheerleader type. Someone popular is a person has friends and can hang out with any clique and be excepted. She can be prep and have friends who are nerds or skaters or punks. People like her and even if they don't like her, they respect her because she's cool and doesn't backstab or talk shit about people.
Any girl who is intimidating or manipualtive or bitchy is not popular. She just scares people into liking her. If she were normal, she wouldn't be popular. If the girl is pretty and rich, girls hang around her to get guys she doesn't want and to get stuff from her.
by Angel baby December 27, 2006
Well, it orginally meant a girl who can't keep her legs closed. It still does, but also now girls call each other sluts as a result of jealousy just because the girl who's being called a slut is either a) prettier and gets more attention from guys and people in general or b) she has something the girl calling her a slut doesn't.
Girls call me a slut because they know I'll get more sex in a week than they'll get in their lives
by Angel Baby February 21, 2006
A woman's body and how she carries it.
My milkshake makes alot of guys wanna sleep with me
by Angel baby December 13, 2005
A singer from Colombia who released her first album Magia in 1991 at age 14. She released about two or three more Spanish albums before crossing over to pop in 2001 with Laundry Service. Didn't sing well in English because her accent made her sound kinda weird but in Spanish she'd sound pretty good. Now her singing in English has improved. She's half Colombian and half Lebanese and was taught to belly dance at age 5 by her father's mother to keep in touch with her middle eastern roots.
Shakira is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Arabic

Shakira is mainly known for her belly dancing

Claims to have been drinking coffee since she could hold a cup which is probably why she is only 5'2
by Angel baby December 27, 2006
A beautiful and really talented singer who is half Ecuadorian and half Irish. Her last name is Spanish for Eyrie. Christina was mentioned in the songs "The Real Slim Shady" by Eminem and "Riot Girl" by Good Charlotte.
Christina Aguilera released a Spanish album
by Angel baby September 04, 2005
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