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4 definitions by Angel Vomit

Acronym for Plain Old Java Object.
Java Beans are POJOs but Enterprise Java Beans are not.
by Angel Vomit August 09, 2006
Not having sex for an incredibly long period of time, interspersed with a tremendous amount of masturbation.
Dude, if you don't go apologize to her you're going to be pulling a Shifflett before you know it.
by Angel Vomit August 27, 2008
Verb describing the sexual act of position 69 performed by homosexual men.
Shawn and Sean love to pojo, I heard them for hours last night.
by Angel Vomit August 09, 2006
Acronym for Crotch Is Burning, used to describe feelings of lust for a male by a female.
Looks like Megan's got a total CIB for that guy.
by Angel Vomit June 09, 2006