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the stoner sports are hacky sack and frisby, and if you play eather one guitar and bass, and drums sort of.
me: dude, i have an idea
dan: what
me: lets roast a bowl and play hacky sack, then smoke soem more and play frisby
dan: you are the smartest person i know
by angel face May 10, 2005
when you copy something someone does, usually used as an accusation.
dude, you are totally posering off me if you use this word
by angel face June 04, 2004
when you smoke weed and u still feel it 24 hours laer
i got 24 hours of power nigger
by angel face October 02, 2004
Someone who is a suck up
Oh your such an arse mint (when someones obviously trying to suck up to someone)
by Angel Face March 21, 2012
5 parts vodka/roman coffee
4 parts cream soda
1 part maple syrup

you might think it taists bad but it actually lends nicely
one night i made it trying to smuggle roman coffee out of my house so i put in creame soda and said it was cream soda and meple syrup
dude twhat is that it lookes nasty
take a drink
thats fuckign blazin dude
by angel face March 05, 2005
god rocker: yeah god is awesome!!!!!

everyone else: shut the fuck up
by angel face November 04, 2004
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