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Don't worry. No one wants to be like you in the first place.

(Just kidding.)
Hi, I'm Eric, the biggest idiot ever.
by Angel June 20, 2003
A person speciallzing in scareing people at haunted house parks.
Angel Amaro Is a very good Scare Technichan
by Angel January 31, 2004
just like of course only with a v. usually used by people who cant type correctly.
Mr.IM: you are so cool
tH3c0013zt1m: of vourse
tH3c0013zt1m: DAMNIT !!!!!
by Angel March 31, 2003
while a girl is giving a guy head he cums all over her stomach, he then slaps her stomach with his dick untill her stomach turns red and licks it off her, then kisses the girl.
justin is nasty as fuck for shortcake'n amanda
by angel February 26, 2004
n. all women's college located in Troy, NY where the only thing to do is get hammered at RPI with the geeksquad fraternities. Chances of getting laid and actually liking it...zero.
Russell Sage-not a girls school without men but a women's school without boys
by Angel January 20, 2005
Outfit, CLothing worn together as a total package.
DId you check out ole girls fit at the club last night?
by Angel November 14, 2003
dick action, one who gets sex from a man.
Girl i gotta go, I'm about to get some D.A.
by Angel December 30, 2002

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