91 definitions by Angel

often used in context of smoking
omgoes you smoke teh monkey pole!
by AnGeL December 01, 2004
a white person trying to act like a negro
Look at her. She's such a wegro!
by Angel September 27, 2003
a disturbing peace artist who work with
lil'fate is an great hip hop artist.
by angel August 22, 2003
the dog ate it is an excuse that you use on your teacher when you didn't do your homework.
it's not very effective
by Angel May 22, 2004
I think that quote is just a reason to slap the s*** out of someone.
Your at a party someone is lookin at u wrong go up to them and say "Im Rick James bitch" and just f***en slap them.
by Angel March 25, 2004
cum, sperm
"No Chinese for me, I just had some Hot Salt Soup!"
by Angel December 30, 2002
a girls pussy! another word for female genetalia pussy cunt vaginasnatchbox
that hoochie got crabs in her Foofee!
by Angel April 26, 2005

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