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Incorect spelling of brown ale, a famous and popular dring orrigionating in Geordieland (Newcastle) (although spelt as it is said).
Giv uz some broon ale, mate.
by Angel February 24, 2005
To be one of the best. Good, nice, great
Girl, that fit you rockin is hot as hell.
by Angel November 14, 2003
Honor and pride. The Best at everthing he does
Francisco Forzano
by Angel August 26, 2003
Cool. Funny. Special. Lovable. Cute. Nice. Talkative. Bitchy sometimes.
You are sooo Shabri!
You are such a Shabri.
I wish I was a Shabri!
by angel March 16, 2003
a word used by punk rockers to describe a preppy girl. Used as an inside joke/insult.
Man that girl is a prepzel!! You see how much makeup she has on? She only has all them guys on her because of her looks and they only want to f**k her!!
by AnGeL April 10, 2004
an extremely tasty cracker with a penis on top. (usually not bitten, suck it, then eat the cum filled cracker)
i had a delicious Penis Cracker last night.
by Angel March 28, 2003
often used in context of smoking
omgoes you smoke teh monkey pole!
by AnGeL December 01, 2004

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