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91 definitions by Angel

Incorect spelling of brown ale, a famous and popular dring orrigionating in Geordieland (Newcastle) (although spelt as it is said).
Giv uz some broon ale, mate.
by Angel February 24, 2005
a mushroom... looks like a dick mushroom. funny funny
That looks like a morel. Eat it.
by Angel May 01, 2004
a word used by punk rockers to describe a preppy girl. Used as an inside joke/insult.
Man that girl is a prepzel!! You see how much makeup she has on? She only has all them guys on her because of her looks and they only want to f**k her!!
by AnGeL April 10, 2004
Honor and pride. The Best at everthing he does
Francisco Forzano
by Angel August 26, 2003
an extremely tasty cracker with a penis on top. (usually not bitten, suck it, then eat the cum filled cracker)
i had a delicious Penis Cracker last night.
by Angel March 28, 2003
Cool. Funny. Special. Lovable. Cute. Nice. Talkative. Bitchy sometimes.
You are sooo Shabri!
You are such a Shabri.
I wish I was a Shabri!
by angel March 16, 2003
dirty balls, men testicles that are kind of funky due to not washing.
Give you some what? I will not go down there with your musties.
by Angel December 30, 2002