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most horsemen atending races at eather buffalo race way or batavia downs, also see drug addict pervert slut whore
God damn it i dont want to work with those fucking degenerates.
by angel February 06, 2005
DRUNKEN BOYS CLUB. A quite pathetic and basicly sad union between fellow punjabi's of the male sex. Members enjoy to session and act like complete prats.
can someone please get DBC out of here please?
by Angel February 27, 2005
what rapest live where i am
fort hood texas
by angel September 12, 2003
Sleepy..tired...burn out
I'm staying at the crib...I'm feelin' kinda Docious
by angel March 21, 2005
Any kind of minor sexually transmitted disease, not including AIDS. usually used in a derogatory manner.
"Ay dog, don't mess with that chick. My man fucked around her and got them yipes...He's blind and been pissin' blood for a week."
by Angel August 21, 2004
is just a word dat white people choose to say "im a silly ass mother fucker" they use it to proof that they looser and are trying to fit in...not
dude da way u bitched slap me was awsom!
by angel April 24, 2004
chinese-looking eyes after you get high
(Chingy:)What's up?
(Girls:)Why ya eyes so chinky?
(Chingy:)I dont know
(Girls:)Is it because you been smoking and drinking?
(Chingy:)Maybe so
-from 'Chingy Jackpot' on the Jackpot CD.
by AnGeL April 09, 2004

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