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a person/s who aren't so worried all the time by being punished by 'god', they live life on other religions cultures and strictures without their rules. basically freedom.
i've never used the word agnostic in conversation before.
by Angel February 16, 2004
regarding family or friends only said in group
damn (fam bam) I am hella tired
by angel January 16, 2004

A server to play Starcraft, Starcraft: Broodwar, Diablo, Diablo2, Diablo2: LoD, Warcraft2, and Warcraft3

Consists of many clans, one pwnz all... OuTLaWz
Clan OuTLaWz is the shitnit on bnet... we pwn jo0
by AnGeL May 06, 2003
It is someone like me who is half black and half Purto Rican
I know because I'am one!!!
by Angel January 30, 2004
Paris Hilton without her make up on , what she really looks like at home when she is sleep.
a picture of paris hilton without any make up on .
by angel February 14, 2005
A do*tard is doe-doe head SLASH retard
You are such a dotard!
by Angel May 03, 2004
most horsemen atending races at eather buffalo race way or batavia downs, also see drug addict pervert slut whore
God damn it i dont want to work with those fucking degenerates.
by angel February 06, 2005

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