91 definitions by Angel

Something that doesn't come out right, or something that is ugly.
That Broad Look a pickle
by Angel March 09, 2004
when you are happy for someone
Joe: i got A+ on the test!
by Angel May 20, 2004
You a little Heazy
by Angel October 07, 2003
Ya Nan is a lessa
by ANGEL April 04, 2003
A person who does or says stupid or crazy shit that you laugh at and not with
Ana is such a cut. She actually think that her bro don't like me.
by Angel March 15, 2004
This term means essentially, get the hell out of my face.
Yo, why is you messin' wit me, pop off niggah.
by Angel February 25, 2004
The speed of light is faster than sound! Hence, levin is faster than trueno!
by Angel August 06, 2003

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