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A person who uses long, unusual, sometimes obscure words in speech or writing.
You can be quite the sesquipedalianist.
by Aneles March 12, 2010
An overly inquisitive person. A busy body. Someone who loves to gossip.
Don't be such a quidnunc!
by Aneles March 12, 2010
derogotory term to describe any individual whom would be considered as to be not normal
he wouldnt have the balls to do that, he's genitally challenged..he must be genitally challenged if he can still sing soprano in the choir...dont confuse her with a lady, she's genitally challenged...is that really my child he seems genitally challenged...hey mate apparently ol mate couldnt get an erection last night, the bride reckons he must be genitally challenged.
by aneles March 28, 2012

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