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1 definition by Andythelad

An Acronym for Dipropyltryptamine. A research chemical used as a recreational drug made illegal in 2005. A very powerful psychoactive chemical that is most often inhaled and sometimes taken with a needle. Can also be smoked as a freebase. Results vary from person to person, and are dependent on the amount taken. Often an experience starts of with minimal physical shakes and a strange feeling of unease that subseeds once it takes full effect. Effects can include visual trails, extreme color enhancement and sometimes light sensitivity, loss of time and space, inibility to understand the world around you, and general sensory overlaod and/or senses crossing into one another. Though it does not create a typical euphoric high, it is not unpleasent in the presence of friends, and fits of laugher are common with minimal prompting. Effects typically last between one and two hours.
"Holy crap dood I was tripping my balls off and I thought I traveled to flap jaw space! It was amazing!"

"I could not stop dancing"

"I don't know what was going on, but it was fun, though I don't recall 2 hours passing"
by Andythelad April 25, 2005
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