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3 definitions by Andyman1016

an i-pod with ice on it. Elaborately decorated with diamonds and crystals.
Yo, you see Big Jake's Ice-pod?
by Andyman1016 January 14, 2006
The act of leaving the electric world and city and retreating to the country to obtain spiritual enlightenment or just to reflect for a while. Derived from the unexplicably LONG classic by Henry David Thoreau,
I swear if one more person asks me about TPS reports I AM GOIN' WALDEN.
by Andyman1016 December 02, 2005
the act of pursuing a relationship OR soliciting sex from another person through an instant message and/or online dating service.
Person #1 :"Johnny's old-lady caught him e-cheating."
Person #2 :"I'll bet he got his IMs crossed up."
by Andyman1016 December 13, 2005