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When you sit down on your Facebook profile and delete everything that gives people the wrong impression, bad pictures of yourself, old statuses that just aren't that funny, Links to awkward Youtube videos..

When people creep your Facebook, they go for the profile pictures first, So you need to make sure all those photos are sexy, hot pictures that make people want to talk to you, Pictures with previous girlfriend/boyfriends, Pictures of you, but not pictures of your favourite animated characters..

A perfect Facebook profile is one that makes even the ugliest person look sexy.
Girl, You're really hot!, but your Facebook makes you look like an ugly bitch.. someone needs a Facebook Makeover

Hey, You look sexy, wanna meet sometime?
#facebook #make #over #makeover #face #book #ugly #sexy #perfect #girl #hot
by AndyTrew January 16, 2012
Like Facebook Girlfriend, a facebook wife is a false wife on facebook that you'd like to go out with, but you don't have a chance.

Sometime used to draw attention to 2 people, not as a couple, but as someone who has someone else.
Person1: dude, will you facebook marry me?
Person2: ohyeah, sure! i'd love to have a facebook wife <3

Person1: wanna facebook marry me so we get more attention?
Person2: yeah.. i've been single too long.. i need a facebook wife>_>

person1: your married now?

Person2: yeah, shes smokin, we do everything together. ;)

person1: ohmygodimsojealous... wanna go out sometime?
#facebook #wife #girlfriend #attention #girl #friend #no #chance
by Andytrew August 01, 2011
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