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One who has a thorough knoledge of the Zelda game series and all related material.
Man! nat's such a zelda guru that she knows the names and background of all the sages! but why does she have Link's face on her blow up doll?
#zelda #video games #hyrule #ocarina of time #link
by Andy xyxy September 21, 2006
To pee or urinate.

often confused with "to masterbate" but that is choking the dragon or spanking the monkey.
i had too much juice so i gotta drain the wizard.
#pee #piss #urinate #choking the dragon #spanking the monkey
by Andy xyxy September 10, 2006
V: To laugh abrubtly in a way such that your tongue makes a roll (similiar to a spanish R)
Natalyn was so caught off guard when Andrew came to school dressed as a pregnant goth chick, she began to roll perfusely.
#laugh #hack #crack up #giggle #natalyn
by Andy xyxy September 12, 2006
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