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2 definitions by Andy the Minger

Thick, retarded 'rapper' who looks like a gorilla, to say the least. Thinks he's well 'ard. Appears to polish his man-boobs every day with Pledge. Would probably melt wearing a shirt weighing more than 50g. A good way to tell if a person is a complete saddo or not. Can't sing. Been shot around 12 times. Brought absolutely no good to the world when he warbled his first 'rhyme' and still hasn't retired. And the scripting's useless. Basically just a rubbish person, singer, poser, everything. A perfect world is one without 50 Cent.
50 cent fan (gasp)-"Fo' Shizzle, 50 Cent is ozzle, bozzle!"
normal person-"Beethoven is rather inspirational, I think."
50 cent fan (gasp)-"Yo sposed to spoken American, bizzle!"
by Andy the Minger February 28, 2006
A method of solvent abuse in which the loser in question sprays the desired solvent into a plastic bag, then sticks his/her head into it and breathes.
Chav #1: Woooooaaaaarrrrggggghhhh! Wot choo doin today Deano?
Chav #2: Just bagging with some o' that spray-y superglue an' that.
Chav #1: Woooooooaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggghhhhh! Can I have a go?
Chav #2: Yeah mate slong syou gizzit back.
Chav #1: I am fuckin' doin! Gie us a minute wi' it!
Chav #2: No, cuz you've had it for ages! I wanna go now!
Chav #1: I've only just gorrit!
Chav #2: No you 'ant!
by Andy the Minger February 28, 2006