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it is a variation of laughter

usually a sneaky or creepy laugh
theif: oo man, i just stole gas from that fat guy
theif: hehe
theif: thats pretty funny

stalker: wooo, i can see her now
stalker: i just wanna touch myself looking at her
stalker: hehe
by andy the mexican candy March 16, 2008
1. United States Marine Corps
2. Uncle Sam's Misguided Children
3. Uncle Sam's Mountain Climbers
4. Uncle Sams Marijuana Club
5. Under-paid Sex Machine Co-operators
USMC - Semper Fi
by Andy The Mexican Candy February 28, 2009
a spanorkfaknife is a spoon, fork, knife combination utensil

it is the best utensil to use in any situation

it is used by boy scouts, hippies and sasquatch alike
hippie: hey sasquatch can you pass me a spanorkfaknife, i need to eat some soup then my steak

sasquatch: sure dude, here you go
by Andy the Mexican Candy February 12, 2009
tetra - A combining form or prefix signifying four</small>

Tetra-shank - to stab, or "shank", someone with four combined objects
Roy: *tetra-shank*
Ben: you just tetra-shanked me with 4 brightly colored pencils - AAAAAAAHHHHHHHhhh....

by Andy the Mexican Candy February 20, 2009
to rock on


devil fingers

used in instant messaging
jon: did you go to that concert?
dave: yea it was really loud
nelson: yea man
nelson: -\^^/

jon: i did your sister - dont be mad
nelson: i hate you
nelson: -\^^/
nelson: i unleash the devil on you fool
dave: hehe that sucks
by andy the mexican candy March 04, 2008
in regards to skateboarding it is a kind of jump

To do a gravity hop you have to have both feet on the board while at the same time be squatting down grasping the tail and nose with your hands. Then you use your shift in weight to jump while still grasping the skateboard with both hands
Ben: you cant even ollie, your that lame
Mike: i might not be able to ollie but i could gravity hop your house
Ben: prove it

Nelson: oh shit son
by Andy The Mexican Candy July 13, 2009
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