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3 definitions by Andy Valentine

Sometimes called a hookerino.
it is a common misconception that a hooker is a prositute or a woman who sells her body. In fact a hooker is simply a garden gnome that resides in Kansas, and then in winter moves to Lake Tahoe.
"Mark just bought a new Hooker"
"I found the best Hooker downtown last night!"
by Andy Valentine March 12, 2006
16 19
To have a session of jokes. Generally sarcasm based or making fun of something. Continuing a story with fake occurences, saying What if.. jokes.
"Dude what if like those mexican yardworkers over there had gangs and there was a gang war. They would fight with like shears and shovels and stuff. Then there's this one beefy mexican who throws running lawn mowers."
"(laughing) Yeah and they had like gang flags on their yardwork trucks"
etc. etc.

(after) "that was a fat joke session (sesh)
by Andy Valentine September 03, 2006
9 16
This uncommon birth defect occurs due to a large amount of cock cheese (or smegma as it is scientifically known) is swallowed by the mother on the day she becomes pregnant. This birth defect is commonly thought of as a retardation, in fact a deepthroat fuzzee can live a normal life. In fact, the only symptoms are the presence of mass pubic hair forming on top of the head and normal head hair appearing around the genitals at puberty. Some may find his unnatractive as pubic hair is more course and curly, but some women go wild and love the sensation of some nice pubes surrounding their vaginal opening during oral sex.
Guy #1: "Dude that guy is retarded"
Guy #2: "No he's not, he is a deepthroat fuzzee! you bucketface"
by Andy Valentine April 13, 2006
11 68