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A state of advanced drunkeness. ie. wrecked, fucked, wankered, wasted. Must be spelt with three r's, two g's and always accompanied by two exclaimation marks. When said an index finger must be raised above the head to mark the exclaimation.
"He was absolutely kerrrplingged!!"
"Guys, tonight... let's get kerrrplingged!!"
by Andy T May 04, 2005
Plan/Statergy = Platergy
"I have a cunning platergy"
by Andy T July 03, 2005
moobs or man boobs that resembles to a mexican man named abe
hola de le homes .. check out em' moobs de abe.. its crazy yo
by andy t April 06, 2003
a big mexican man that is in need of panucha and big keg teclas
ABE needs women
by andy t April 06, 2003
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