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2 definitions by Andy Mager

The l33test mafucker in the state of Pennsylvania. Also known as the Last Philosopher, Cocomaan owns the suburbs, the city, and the Whitford. He is able to turn 20 into 80 in a few days. Coco currently teases bitches at Villanova University, but he will soon takeover the whole city of Philly. Beware, he will be big.
Cocomaan > You.
by Andy Mager June 01, 2004
A nosey, unsightly girl with the power to cause enormous amounts of drama among her peers. Her inability to make true friends makes drama her main outlet of pleasure. She also resembles Roseanne Barr and John Goodman mixed together.
Hey look! Is that the Tom's Creek A? Nah, its just Kepa.
by Andy Mager June 01, 2004