17 definitions by Andy Mack

adj. - a drunken buzz that usually onsets quickly.
..twoasted of the hizzy fo' shizzy my nizzy...
by Andy Mack September 11, 2005
n. - ghetto slang refering to someone's car or car stereo system.
..that new Short Dog had my junk knockin' the gold outta nigga's grill...
by Andy Mack July 03, 2005
n.- a person with a head that when viewed from the side, is oval and elongated.
John F. Kerry has a waffle head.
by Andy Mack June 28, 2005
Dayton wheels, also called D's for short.
Sample lyrics from "Black Ice" (Goodie Mob version):
... for them boys with the deep dish dicks, white walls thick, didn't have to change much
Didn't have to fix shit, so,
Man, make the mothafucka speaka blow, shake the fuckin' flow
Here to let your ass know....
by Andy Mack August 23, 2005
n.- a person, especially a mother, who rags, or is on the rag, or both.
Amy D. and her mother, Mary D.
by Andy Mack April 16, 2005
n. - A Japanese sport where contestants try to complete an obstacle course with various challenges within a certain time limit. Pronounced "saw-skay".
Google search "sasuke", click result number 5
by Andy Mack June 28, 2005
similar to show off, but usually meaning a failed attempt to impress others.
"Yo, check out my rag chevy! Man, you just showing out."
by Andy Mack April 10, 2005

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