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In the event you find an unflushed toilet with the remains of doo. You further advance on a Mixed potion (see mixed potion) and decide to shit into the present doo. Thus creating Wizard stew.
"Mike i have to shit. Maybe i'll get to make wizard stew." "That's gross."
by Andy Lara June 06, 2005
Skateboarding barefoot resulting in the blood foot/black foot.
dude. you got hamburger feet. got any cheese for that?
by Andy Lara June 06, 2005
The sweat at the top of ones ass crack.
"Mike, i've got some mean cheddar swea wanna smell?" "No. That's gross"
by Andy Lara June 06, 2005
The occurance of two simultaneous farts from two different sources within same proximity. 3 farts = Witches brew. (see Wizard Stew)
"hey mike, lets mix potions." "No. Thats gross."
by Andy Lara June 06, 2005
When wiping your ass and the toilet paper rips through resulting in shit on your fingers and no where to properly wipe or clean, other than more toilet paper.
I got bear trapped in the bathrrom.
by Andy Lara June 06, 2005

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