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To sit on the toilet backwards, facing the cistern. This allows you to crap on the porcelain & not in the water. Why would you want to do this? If you were dragged along to a party at the house of someone you didn't like & you were bored.
"I just took a reverse munger in ya farken dunny bitch!"
by Andy J January 10, 2005
1. Someone sooo cool that the person seems sleepy.

2. Abnormally slick

3. Stealthy, sly
a person who is very laid back ad super cool
by Andy J March 09, 2005
A crazy word i swear my mum invented that apparently means to lock or latch a door or window from the inside.
.....utter bullshit!
Make sure you snib the door when you come home tonight
by Andy J July 26, 2005
In short it means Premature Ejaculation.
To be said very quickly, deeply & softly
"So what seems to be the problem"
by Andy J March 24, 2005
Small kid..small kid..One struggles to describe the kiddy-ness.. A bit doig, a bit Fish. Burden tay you may ask? Think of a beige Nissan with spray-painted blue rims. What kind of monkey rat pudding would do that.... a Small Kid, that's who...Getting the picture?
See also: Jimmy B
"Jimmy B, You are a such a f**king small kid!"
by Andy J January 06, 2005
Any single noun that exists
"Pass me the fish"
"don't you look at me like that with those fish"
"I need to take a fish"
"who's read my fish"
"get my fish into ya"
Get the idea FIIUUSSHH??!!??
by Andy J January 05, 2005
1. Relating to something crap.
2. Speaking in a deep retarded voice for no reason
1. "Yeah that Thai food last night was a bit Bodger"
2. "Stop talking to me in that Bodger voice"
by Andy J January 05, 2005
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