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Kenny from southpark.
1. Look its kenny from southpark. ( ((><)) )
by Andy Burton May 14, 2007
First Fag of the Day - Usually ends in a massive headrush and feeling nice and nicotine dosed up! The longer it is left before having the first fag the more noticeable the effects are of headrush.
1. Woah got pretty bad headrush, oh yarr just had my FFOTD.
by Andy Burton May 24, 2007
Combination of two words pissed and hard. Can be misheard as pisshead but holds an entirely different meaning. Meaning to get pissed (become intoxicated by consumption of alcohol) and acting hard (starting fights and generally being a twat).

Pissard is usually achieved by drinking copious amounts of vodka which will induce violent behaviour or generally being a chav who drinks cider will suffice.
1. "Hey fancy getting pissard this weekend and fighting some people?"

2. "I'm so pissard now I could beat my mother"

3. "He only smacked you cos he was pissard mate."
by Andy Burton May 14, 2007
Means to take a toke of a fag, spliff or any other smokable item without said item being lit.
I just had a phantom toke on that joint and it tastes gorgeous. Let's light this mother and get baked.
by Andy Burton December 03, 2008

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