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Gay, likes chrome and mirrors. dresses sharply but likes to preen on the go.
I wouldn't ride a scooter like that unless I was a Mod.
by Andy September 08, 2004
A place that you move to because your girlfriend got a job there and you would go to the ends of the earth to follow her cause you are so whipped.
Jeff moved to Des Moines to be with his girlfriend, Sue, because he is a whipped little pussy.
by Andy March 14, 2005
when man is horny and taks it off his bake buy beating off
ohh dam she was fine i am going to beat off now
by andy January 18, 2004
1. Someone who is both ignorant and an asshole.
2. George W. Bush.
Tommy is being an ignoranus. Somebody should suicide-bomb his ass before he grows up and convinces 59 million half-retarded evangelical rednecks to vote him as president, and continues to fuck the country.
by Andy November 28, 2004
An old word which means your spectrum hobbit or lord of the rings adventure has fucking crashed again
You go east. You are in the dark stuffy passage. You can see Thorin. Thorin is carrying: the small curious key. The vicious goblin enters. Thorin strikes the vicious goblin. With one well-placed blow Thorin OOM
by Andy April 17, 2004
slang for "fuck off". Used by people who don't swear - such a small minority that this term may not even have been heard by most readers.
Oh, go away, you... mother- away going... person!
by Andy May 02, 2004
Another word for bitch but without the "t"
much more simple to spell and more difficult to figure out. Very fun to use
Don't be such a chib whore.
You smell like a chib's vagina.
Daaaam loook at all the chibs up in hurrr.
by Andy May 31, 2004

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