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Armoured band of cunts in the Republic of Ireland, equivalent to pigs everywhere else. These baton-wielding yobs act much the same way as their sister organisations elsewhere, beating up foreigners and protesters and generally making the world a nastier place.

Like the IRA, they wear all black and cover their faces with masks (the riot squad do, anyway). Unlike the IRA, they don't even PRETEND to be fighting for liberation.
Garda stands for
by Andy May 01, 2004
The one and only Joe Velasco...
We love you Joe, you fuck! And by love I mean I fucking hate your god damn taint and everything else it's attached to!
by Andy April 17, 2005
What a Nextel phone does when you try and Direct Connect to another Nextel Phone.
Also see Sprint Chirp aka Ready Link
You got that phone that chirps?
by Andy March 09, 2005
when man is horny and taks it off his bake buy beating off
ohh dam she was fine i am going to beat off now
by andy January 18, 2004
Gay, likes chrome and mirrors. dresses sharply but likes to preen on the go.
I wouldn't ride a scooter like that unless I was a Mod.
by Andy September 08, 2004
A place that you move to because your girlfriend got a job there and you would go to the ends of the earth to follow her cause you are so whipped.
Jeff moved to Des Moines to be with his girlfriend, Sue, because he is a whipped little pussy.
by Andy March 14, 2005
slang for "fuck off". Used by people who don't swear - such a small minority that this term may not even have been heard by most readers.
Oh, go away, you... mother- away going... person!
by Andy May 02, 2004

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