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The opposite of Progress
If Pro and Con are opposite, does that mean Progress is the opposite of Congress?
by Andy May 06, 2004
A mexican, like above. Not a populat term?
wetbags wear unemployed shirts all the time lol
by andy May 14, 2004
shitty word you have to know to pass physics exams. should be used in sentences containing other shitty words.
the fractal quanta of the geometric episteme severely calibrated the deontological cathexis
by Andy April 17, 2004
when u pick up a hooker and she licks ur ass and ur hair comes off!!!
Andy got a rim job from his g-ma last night
by andy April 09, 2004
Brazilian Slang for prostitute.
eu quero procurar pirahnas oshe
by andy August 26, 2004

Reference is from the Spinal Tap album 'Break like the wind'
Make it cash on delivery if you're gonna do business with me, let's keep it strictly c - o - d
by Andy December 15, 2003
The Greek origin of the word means "lover of children". For this reason it was appropriated by people with sexual urges towards children (although the Greek use is far broader and most often has no sexual connotations - for instance a "Russophile" can someone who likes to visit Russia or who supports Russian foreign policy). It has now become a descriptive or hostile term for such people.

Refers to child molesters and child rapists, as well as people who view sexual images of children and those who would like to do so. Current usage makes it unclear whether it is a sexual orientation or a class of actions.

Strictly speaking, it refers only to those interested in pre-pubescent children. (Attraction to teenagers is hebephilia).
All paedophile activities which involve actual children are forms of child abuse.
by Andy August 01, 2004

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