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Something stupid people do to feel better about themselves due to chronic low self-esteem problems as well as religious idiocy.
Mary is an idiot for volunteering because she could be sleeping or getting paid, or doing both at the same time.
by Andy January 27, 2005
1. An excuse used by desperate right-wing politicians to undershadow the fact that even a political moderate has been proven to be far better for the economy and most social and environmental issues than any conservative president before or after.
2. A blow job.
3. A media whore.
1. Wow, John Kerry is up in the polls because he's exponentially more intelligent than our piece-of-shit candidate? We need a Lewinsky! Call the swift boat vets!
2. Your mom gave me a nice Lewinsky last night.
3. Paris Hilton is such a Lewinsky...
by Andy November 29, 2004
to rape a dog in the ass and then puke n it after drinking 1/4 of a shot of vodka,you pussy
Spencer just s-schmidded that dog!
by andy May 04, 2004
When people are smoking pot in a circle, one could play the game baseball (also known as suicide). Its when the person holds in their smoke after each hit until the hit comes back to them.

its hard.
Dude... lets play some baseball...
by andy June 08, 2006
What is known by English teachers as an oxymoron, i.e. a word which is qualified by a second word, an adjective, which is completely redundant (adds nothing new to the meaning of the first word). Crap is by definition anal, unless it comes from the mouth-crapping aliens on the planet XAARFQTYSHAJK!LP.

Nevertheless, saying two swear words is always better than saying one for releasing tension, so "anal crap" is perfectly legitimate, whatever those fucking english teachers say.
Evrything english teachers say is a pile of anal crap.
by Andy April 20, 2004
a geek without the money, passion, intelgence, pride, and true knowledge yet still withdrawn, obessive and all the stuff geeks are tring to escape.
Jordan is a total dork, lack I not.
by andy November 18, 2003
someone who is a bloody spastic
and cant talk rite and has some sort of problem
spastic, retard
by Andy May 01, 2003

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