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627 definitions by Andy

see: happy
i feel drunk,... {barf}
by ANDY October 21, 2003
Type of weapon ammunition that upon hitting the target the bullet expands, almost exploding inside the target. Makes huge exit wounds on cans.
a:holy crap you blew the shit out of that gopher, what kind of ammo is that?

b:hollow points
by Andy April 10, 2005
Reference to gay male intercourse. Either mutual oral gratification until completion, mutual jerking off or doing each other in the pooper until you can't stand it any longer and finally blow your load, preferably on each other's faces.
I was so drunk last night that I fucked Eric, oh well, boys will do boys I guess.
by Andy August 04, 2004
To masturbate
"Where's Joey?"
"He's been baitin' in his room for the last 2 hours."
by Andy February 23, 2004
The most hypocritical bitch in the entire history of human existence.
Barbara Streisand says she cares about the poor and the enviornment, while she lives on cliff one of the largest homes in all of California.
by Andy October 23, 2003
The life source to natives of New Jersey. Commonly found in many bottomless cups at any given diner. It sobers, it rejuvinates, it's you're only friend at 3:00 A.M. when that morning paper is due.
Man in a diner: "I'll have some coffee"
by Andy May 06, 2003
To have no truck with someone or something is to want nothing to do with her, him or it.

Appears to be derivative from an archaic meaning of "truck" which can mean "to trade or barter".

Some dude just told me it's obsolete, but I use it anyway. And I've got no truck with people who say it's obsolete.
I want nothing to do with the BNP because i've got no truck with Nazis.

I have no truck with the whole Bushite conception of foreign policy.
by Andy August 25, 2004