11 definitions by Andy Tiger

A canine that is particularly troublesome when trying to be forced into a car.
"You were having a bit of trouble getting that dog into the car the other night weren't you, right nasty bastard!"
by Andy Tiger May 25, 2005
The age that a girl is often most sexually appealing, but is 6 months too young to legally engage in intercourse (in Britain)
"She was fifteen-and-a-half, I mean what's six months? And she looked a lot older in that basque."
by Andy Tiger May 25, 2005
male genitalia, specifically the testicles
"What are you doing to your numbers?"
"Scratching them, they're giving me an itch"
by Andy Tiger May 25, 2005
Mis-pronunciation for the word vulcan, particularly common for people with a Belfast accent.
"I was on the Enterprise and this falcon stole my lucky charms"
by Andy Tiger May 25, 2005

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