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Originally Muncastergate was a term used to describe pleasuring ones self using castor sugar, whilst thinking of the clergy.

However, in more recent times has become a generic term for a Skoda Fabua.
Yesterday i caught Dave in the middle of a muncastergate!
by Anduz001 July 28, 2011
Gomt is an acronym of 'Get off my thread' Or less commonly (and grammatically incorrect) 'Get out my thread'

'Goomt' is sometimes used to mean 'Get out of my thread' to be grammatically correct.
Stop wasting my time and gomt!!

Seriously, gomt the conversation has nothing to do with you!!

Gomt, no one really wants to know what you think!!
by Anduz001 June 17, 2010
Acronym of 'you're a Nazi'. Similar to YLAN ('you're like a Nazi') or past tense YANed.

Martin Von Ehrlichman hypothesised in 2004 the longer any online argument lasts, the higher the chances of one party accusing the other of either being a Nazi, or saying their actions are attributed to the Nazi party.

After YAN, or YLAN has been said, the person who resorted to the phrase is said to have lost any argument, as attributing anyone to the Nazi party is the easiest, and therefore most imbecilic kind of insult.
Person 1 - "I can't believe you said that, you're like a Nazi or something!"

Person 2 - "You moron! You YANed me. Fail!"
by Anduz001 January 16, 2011

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