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A handsome young man who is unafraid of glancing at the female companions of large, brutal gangsters and yardies
Aye guy, kiss me teeth, that Rumplesquat Mo' Fo' was eyeing up my woman, I's going to bust a cap in he ass
by Andross1978 April 18, 2008
When, mid-afternoon, your underpants lose all elasticity and hold, and hang lifeless like a loin cloth.
Its only 1pm and I am already Loin Clothing, my left ball is stuck to my leg. I'm 'picking a winner' every 5 minutes.
by Andross1978 April 24, 2009
The act of either a) scratching your backside or b) re-adjusting your ball sack.
I've been loin clothing all afternoon, I need to pick me a winner - the machine for tonights draw is Lancelot, set of balls number 3
by Andross1978 April 24, 2009
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