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A deviantart ex member, famous for pointing out flaws of about everyone he met on the site forums. Any slightful disrespect to his work and you're blocked or beaten to death in real life by his own army of fans aka ass-lickers. He was banned from Deviantart for putting a chain of offencive threads covering wide range of people's imperfections like being obese or being of short height. What is more, the reason of such behaviour according to his version was "willing to help". Although he claims that his account was hacked and someone used his identity not many people believe him since he is extremely vain in real life.

Techno-Raccoon has his own art line called "Neoneelart" which is nothing but a bunch of cartoons referenced from ugly russian and ukrainian goth girls who claim to be models.
Techno-Raccoon *original thread* : I'm just curious whats its like to be fat? Because I'm not fat and I'm curious is there anything special? how you walk? how come you don't fall when you walk cause your walk is actually similar to the penguin walk.It's like you go moving legs there and here.Also... Sausageeeeeees. If I put bondage over your body it'll look like sausageeeeeees
...GEeeeeeez. Go to gym, how can you live like that!?
What is more is that I'm willing to help yeah really, not to ofence anyone but unless someone has kidney/ digestion problems being fat just from eating much - those people are like pillows for beating. You beat them in fat and your arm stays there! EEEEEEEEW groooss ! yucky-yucky-yucky. So plz stop eating junk food or die before reaching 60 from stroke or heart attack or whatever when there is so much fat that your heart pumps fat instead of blood. Again I'm not even offencing anyone! I'm willing to help by showing what perspectives your future might have if you don't exercise 5-10 minutes before taking meal.
some people suffer from not seeing their dick when they lower their heads - they see that big fat ugly belly instead! isn't this a good motivation for them to go do ab exercises?
by Andri110510 April 27, 2010

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