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3 definitions by AndrewW

an expression used to describe a good romp in the sack.
similar to "taking the bang train to pound town"

p1: Hey how did things go with her last night?
p2: Well, I let her take a ride on the Jolly Trolly.
by Andreww January 01, 2007
You cant have a fucking take away !
Iffits in the fridge you can have it
Iffits in the freezer you can have it
Iffits in the cupboard you can have it
by AndrewW May 18, 2012
a very chic, good looking haircut.
1: Wow, look at Emily in that dress. She looks totally put together. She must have gotten a haircute yesterday.

2: Yea she did. She was sitting there for 3 hours until it was perfect.
by Andreww June 20, 2007