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a game played among friends and enemies alike. Player one asks player two to choose between odds or evens. When player two chooses between the two, Player one continues to rip out leg hairs from player two's leg. Player one counts the number of leg hair obtained. If Player two called odds and the number of hairs was odd, the game moves on to player one choosing odd or even. If player two was wrong, he will choose once again between odd or even and then the game will continue until player two has won the round, or until one person runs out of leg hair. In this instance arm hair may become a substitute for leg hair.
Did you see Mike's leg? There is a big clump of hair missing from when we played "odds or evens" last night... I totally beat that towel.
by Andrew Wright October 07, 2007
verb: to taser means to draw one's hand back and jab at rapid speed into the neck/jugular of a victim. Make the "tsss" sound while tasering. The neck area is merely a guide line. for best results taser a person who is unsuspecting, and laugh at their misfortune.
Yo man, Colleen was eating dinner in the dining hall, I creped up behind that cunt, and tasered her to the point that I left a bruise. Wow what a towel...
by Andrew Wright October 07, 2007

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