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3 definitions by Andrew Timmons

An orgasm caused by the stimulation of a woman's breasts.
I'd give her a titty twister, but she'd just have a boobgasm..
by Andrew Timmons May 01, 2008
95 42
A phrase referring to a woman who can only attain an orgasm through clitoral stimulation and not through standard vaginal intercourse.
"My girlfriend has no orgasms when we have sex because she is vaginally frigid"
by Andrew Timmons May 01, 2008
11 2
This is the way that the word "Ridiculous" should be spelled because very intelligent people have spelled it incorrectly for a long time. One eventually corrected himself, but the others don't fucking care so they shall therefore continue to spell the word in the aforementioned manner.
"This word is so fucking rediculous, for the second time!"
by Andrew Timmons September 05, 2005
50 359