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Lobster Pussy is a extremly red pussy that is also infested with crabs. The crabs are so big her pussy resembles a LOBSTER. Extremly Red and with Giant Pinchers. This is usually caused by extreme amounts of tanning and a perfect home for crabs (Ladys please pick through ur pumpkin patch so no self respecting man will have to deal with ur nasty lobster pussy.
Adam: That girl was hagerd as fuck
Drew: Ya I bet she had some of that nasty lobster pussy.
by Andrew Stark, Adam Ruppert April 03, 2006
When a MAN/WOMAN with extremly chapped lips goes down on a chick who has gohnereah. This green liquid gets traped in between the chapped lips there for looking like leaves of nasty Spinach.
That guy looks like Popye the sailor man. He better lick his nasty spinach lips..
by Andrew Stark, Adam Ruppert April 03, 2006

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