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1 definition by Andrew Stanfield

"EPIC." is actually a completely different word than "Epic", it is heightened exponentially. The spelling difference is that EPIC. is in all capitals at all times, and the period is actually married to the capitalized letters. For example, "EPIC ." <the period and the capitilzed letters are divorced in a way, and "EPIC." <the capitilized letters and the period are married. If the period and the capitilized letter are not married, then it is not the same word as "EPIC.". Anything including stealing, commandeering, pirates, YARR, french toast, KY jelly wrestling, pudding wrestling, jell-o wrestling, etc. are all included as being EPIC.
Andrew: Dude, being a pirate is going to be awesome!
Clay: Sir, I do think you misspelled EPIC.

Clay: The July 4th party will be EPIC. on all accounts!
by Andrew Stanfield June 22, 2006