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1 definition by Andrew Shadrix

The belif that some cosmic Jewish Zombie will grant you enternal life if you symbolicly eat his flesh and telepathicly tell him that you accept him as your lord and master so that he can remove an evil force from your soul that exists in humanity because a woman that was spawn of the first man's rib was convinced by a talking snake to eat a fruit from a magical tree...
Christianity is a monotheistic and evangelistic faith that is centered on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.1 Like Judaism and Islam, Christianity is an Abrahamic religion.23 Early Christianity was a Jewish eschatological sect, but there was great diversity in local variations.4 Confined to the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and parts of India for its first thousand years, it has spread throughout the entire world during its second millennia due to colonization and missionary work.5 It includes the Hebrew Bible (known to Christians as the Old Testament), the New Testament, and, in some cases, the Deuterocannonical (or Apocryphal) books as its canonical scriptures.

by Andrew Shadrix January 21, 2008