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3 definitions by Andrew Ramsey

1.An exclamation of joy over having just performed something improbable.

2.A finale to a particularly cutting remark
"I just recieved a pass one-handed, dodged three blockers and scored a touchdown of 65 yards so tudow!"

"You may indeed have beaten me at Halo 3 but I slept with your wife so tudow!"
by Andrew Ramsey December 01, 2007
To be gored by a horn-like protrusion.
"Did you just see that Bull hit that guy"
"Yeah he got totally Gnarwhaled"
by Andrew Ramsey December 02, 2007
To wrap ones (male) genitalia (or a prosthetic if not male) in shag (material) before insertion into the orifice.
"She said she wanted me to do something kinky and the only thing around was my t-shirt made of shag so I furlanced her"
by Andrew Ramsey December 02, 2007