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1) Alternate name for coincidence or a chance meeting.
2) As above, but used by scientists mockingly: "It was fate that the lines of the graph crossed!"
3) An unseeable force that controls all our actions; often linked to god(s) and predecision.
4) The end of your life, or your "purpose" in life.
"Fate led him to us."
"It was fate that caused me to cross paths with Michelle that day."
"My fate is to die alone."
by Andrew Kismet February 12, 2004
tension between two people, often in a relationship (sexual, friendship or business)
There's so much friction between Samantha and her boss lately
by Andrew Kismet August 19, 2003
A PC or computer that has been rewired or reprogrammed to work faster than normal; usually causing massive overheats and explosions if not cooled properly
What? You overclocked my Athlon and it's still intact?!?!
by Andrew Kismet August 19, 2003
A piece of code built into software which allows it's creator entry. This type of system is usually unneccecary, but has two main reasons.

1. To automatically create an account with full priviledges that is hidden from the user(s) of the program, so any time they get locked out the creator can log in and solve the prblem for them (a maintenance account)
2. as above, but with ulterior motives. See spyware
3. As above, but because the software is not designed for used by it's creator.

Particularly common in movies about or involving computer hacking.
1. "The user had forgotten his password, so I had to use the backdoor and create him a clean account."

2. "The moron downloaded the program and now I'm watching his every move through the backdoor!"

3. "I was designing a new piece of control software for NASA, but I threw in an emergency backdoor as a precaution."
by Andrew Kismet February 16, 2004
Gulstaff_the_Great is a mock character in VG cats, symbolising item-thieving n00bs (newbies; beginners who don't have a clue) and the general morons you encounter playing online games. (Gunbound, Phantasy Star, Everquest, NwN etc.)
Often seen as a level 1 character with a level 50 item. Will hang around experienced players and wait for them to get killed so he can steal their equipment. In PvP games, he will often randomly attack people as soon as he begins and die very quickly.
"Aha!I, Gulstaff_the_Great, have taken your item!"
by Andrew Kismet February 08, 2004
Words I randomly read somewhere, and shout loudly when I get bored. It wasn't until a month later I realised I had caused a cannon on mars to fire countless HBombs.
Me: Zeeky Boogy Doog! Zeeky Boogy Doog! Zeeky Boogy Zeeky Boogy Zeeky Boogy Doooog....
by Andrew Kismet February 12, 2004

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