2 definitions by Andrew John

Adj: Something that is extremely large in comparison to anything else related; can also be used to exemplify sarcasam in a statement;
Root words: Gigantic and Enormous
"That bridge is gynormous!"
"Why do you have to be such a gynormous sorostitute Laura?"
by Andrew John August 31, 2005
adj; an expression of the word "ridiculous" but to a much larger degree; often used whilst under the influence of intoxicating agents such as alcohol; used to express a range of emotions included but not limited to: being impressed, fright, awe, amusement, disgust, surprise, appreciation, basic interest in, depression, frustration and negativity
"He did a back flip with one leg?! That is redonkulous!"
"Are you really that shocked that Angela is a redonkulous crack-whore?"
by Andrew John August 31, 2005

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