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A female with dumps like a truck, truck, truck and thighs like what, what, what. Defined more clearly by a cute (but not awesome) face, large (sometimes massive) breasts, and a round (usually enormous) midsection, weighing between a buck-fitty and a deuce and a half.
Ty: Good lord look at that whale!
Chris: That's a huge bitch!
Zach: She just picked her nose and ate it!
Jamie: Guys, that tight-fatty is my girlfriend.
by Andrew Holcomb Davidson January 13, 2009
A cat fight is the younger sister of the bear fight and the tiger fight - a glass of Pinot Gris followed by a glass of Merlot. The drink of choice for pweefs and fans of the StarWars series.
I was at the bar with a couple of my buddies and was getting noticed by all kinds of strange when my buddy Jim Drinan stumbled up with a handful of Cat Fights - needless to say I went home empty-handed.
by Andrew Holcomb Davidson January 13, 2009

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