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A word used to describe the stereotypical Frat Boy. Derived from Kappa Kappa chad. Spelled with the intentional lower case "c" to highlight the negativity associated with most chads.
"Shit, who let the chads in?"

"I almost ran over a chad today!"
"Shucks, almost?"

by Andrew Ezekiel Michael French December 05, 2007
Expression of excitement, almost only used in text messaging. A synonym of Hooray, derived from the somewhat common T9 error when trying to text the word Hooray.
From: Alexandria
To: Mike
I got a Tattoo today!

Goosby! What of?
by Andrew Ezekiel Michael French December 05, 2007
A term used to describe the common stereotypes related with a majority of Fraternities. Kappa refers to the tenth letter of the Greek alphabet, which is used in the Greek Fraternity system. chad refers to the individuals within the fraternity, who are often named Chad.
"Hey guys I pledged to a Fraternity today! Guess which one!"
"Pfft, I don't know, Kappa Kappa chad?"
by Andrew Ezekiel Michael French December 05, 2007
Synonymous with "Ridiculous" i.e. Crazy/Bizarre/Extraordinary/Outrageous

Usually "Redonkey Kong" is used as a positive expression, applied to something perceived as good, usually surprisingly so. Though it can be used in special circumstances that are outrageous, even in a negative way.

Made popular by the Hit television show "30 Rock" in the episode "The Source Awards", although in the show it is implied that Redonkey Kong is the alias of a fictional musician that has a beef with Tracey Jordan.

Despite Redonkey Kong being debuted on 30 Rock its origins are unknown. Though it can be assumed it came to be due to the similar sound of "Redonkey Kong" to "Ridiculous". Also, the iconic game Donkey Kong is, itself, Ridiculous.
"Shit son, this cron is Redonkey Kong!"
by Andrew Ezekiel Michael French March 16, 2008
A term used to describe Homosexual Sexual Intercourse. (works for both genders).
"Did you see that movie Alexander? They were Doing the Greek the whole freaking movie!"

"Hey...where did John and Jack go?"
"They're upstairs Doing the Greek."
"Oh. They're gay?"
"Yeah...you didn't know that?"
"I do now, oh well, good to know I suppose."
by Andrew Ezekiel Michael French December 05, 2007

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